TinRoof “Patches” fitmesh jeans for Pretty Things Showroom Event – September 2016

These jeans were made exclusively for The Showroom Event at Pretty Things.  If you want them, get them now because they will never be for sale again when it’s over!


As you know I buy mesh templates to work with, but never, never, ever use the textures right out of the box and sell it to you.  Each item at TinRoof has details that make them unique to others on the grid.  On this pair, I have made the denim more realistic looking, created higher back pockets and added fun patches that can be changed via HUD.

When I first tried them on, I though the calves were oddly skinny, but then realized that they fit great into boots that way!  The leather belt and metal ankle zippers make this pair of jeans a little edgy and very versatile for this year’s fall fashions.  In the photo I am wearing the “Lana” tank from Blacklace.  It’s on sale this week in the TGIF area of the courtyard.

You can try a demo before you buy, if you’re unsure of the fit.  Sizes in the box include Slink, Belleza, Maitreya, TMP and standard sizes for classic avatars.






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[TinRoof] “Dragonflies” fitmesh top and Booty Shorts (Appliers) Exclusive @ Slay Monthly Event

FionaRynn was kind enough to blog an outfit I put into the Slay Room monthly sales event, and she looks AMAZING in it (her post is below). I haven’t actually seen those shorts on anyone else until now. I was invited last-minute, so didn’t have an actual exclusive to put up for sale, but in the next round, I will. The Slay Room event is a mix of mostly established designers with a handful of up-and-comers spattered throughout. If you’re tired of the big name events that have the same designers over and over, you may want to check this one out. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Valhalla%20Shores/198/54/21

Lightsong Photography: Adventures in the World of Second Life by Miss Royalty ♛ USA 2017

[TinRoof] “Booty” Shorts Appliers – The Slay Monthly Event

[TinRoof] “Dragonflies” fitmesh top – The Slay Monthly Event

Magika  Heartbeat – Magika

N-core GACHA Clear Mules “Coffee” Kustom 9

Apt B // A Cozy Place To Sit – Room RARE – Kustom 9

Apt B // A Cozy Place To Sit – Bench – Kustom 9

Apt B // A Cozy Place To Sit -Table – Kustom 9

Apt B // A Cozy Place To Sit – Rack – Kustom 9

Apt B // A Cozy Place To Sit – Mantle – Kustom 9

BodyLanguage SLC SS POSE – in the Lens – Scene 1 – Kustom 9

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara – Maitreya

LeLutka Mesh Head-LOTTE 1.6 – LeLutka

Flickr Pic:

Tin Roof Dragonflies Top and Booty Shorts exclusive @ Slay Room Event

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“Lacie” fit-mesh shorts


Embellished denim for that laaaaast stretch of summer.  Lace sewn onto the pockets makes these shorts a bit frilly with vintage appeal.

-because sometimes we like to wear our lace on the outside-

Although you may see similar shorts on the grid, the textures on these shorts have been customized.  I have taken great pains, as always, to change the denim fabric, buttons, stitching and other details to make this a unique product that you can wear proudly.

SIXTEEN sizes are included in the box.  Yes!  Sixteen!!!  If you can’t get one of those to fit, I can’t help you.  You’ve got the usual five standard sizes, plus fit-mesh compatible with Belleza, Maitreya, TMP, Eve, Slink and Tonic.  Wahoo!


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“Daisies” fit-mesh top

TinRoof Daisies Ad Small“Daisies” was inspired purely by the mesh model used to make this top.  The shape of the front panels reminded me of flower petals and it just screamed “TinRoof” to me… so I bought it.  The fabric is a breezy linen in six colors, though the black and white are actually my favorites.  They go with anything!

In addition to the fabric texture, the buttons and the trim have also been customized.

*** A special color of this top can also be found hidden in the TinRoof main store for the Women’s Stuff Hunt until Aug 31st.  ***



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Dragonflies and summer just go hand in hand, if you ask me… along with cicadas and June bugs, but they aren’t as pretty to put on a top to wear.

These beautiful insects are a symbol of spiritual awakening in some parts of the world, and they are feared in others.  I personally consider them to be a sign that I have walked outside far enough into nature, and slowed down far enough, to notice them.  This is a good thing.

This strapless top donned with dragonflies is finished off with lace-covered trim and a bright bow.  Pair it with your favorite cut-off shorts and you’ve got the perfect lazy summer outfit.

The box includes 5 standard sizes, which are classic mesh.  It also includes several “fitmesh” sizes that are compatible with currently popular mesh bodies including:

  • Belleza – Venus, Isis and Freya
  • Maitreya – Lara
  • Slink – Physique and Hourglass
  • Tonic – Curvy and Fine
  • and TMP.



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Snapshot_007New as of last night “Toasty” mesh sweater with color-change HUD.  Eight cheerful but winter-y colors make it very versatile.

Have you ever gotten tired in RL so you took a seat in SL?  Well the other day I got cold in RL… so I made a sweater in SL!  Wearing it invokes all the warm, snuggly, cozy feelings that you would expect when wearing a soft, oversized pullover… almost like a blanket, but one you can wear.


“Toasty” HUD for color options

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Day of the Dead – Calaveras Make-up

Face painting for Halloween, turned into Calaveras make-up.

Face painting for Halloween, turned into Calaveras make-up.


I love Halloween and the holiday that follows it, Dia de los Muertos or “Day of the Dead”.  This make up started out as face painting for a Halloween party but before long, it had taken on a life of its own (or death of its own?) and become Calavera make-up!

What is Dia de los Muertos?  What is a Calavera?  Click this link to read more:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calavera

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