Please Don’t Pinch Me

[TinRoof] "Don't Pinch Me"

The one thing I recall most about St. Patrick’s Day, growing up in the U.S., is that if we didn’t wear green, we would get pinched.  I do not know where this tradition started, or what its purpose is, but I wore green every year on March 17th, just in case.  In the rare instance that I forgot, a friend was always quick to offer a green pin or hair ribbon to protect me.

I have Irish ancestry, but my family was not Catholic.  They were of the Protestant religion and actually wore orange on St. Patrick’s Day to protest the Catholic religion.   I could wear orange to carry on the traditions of my heritage, but what is the point really?  In matters of religion in the U.S., tolerance is key.  I shall not protest your religion and you shall not protest mine.

That said, my newest release is in green, and is called “Don’t Pinch Me”.  You can find it in the TGIF area for only 99L through the 17th.  Included in the box are system layers for classic avatars, as well as appliers for several mesh bodies – Belleza Venus, Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique, The Mesh Project, and Omega to cover all the others.  Wear it in good spirits and don’t pinch anyone, please!

New Release “Sophie”

"Sophie" in SunnySpot
“Sophie” in SunnySpot

So I happened upon the mesh model for this blouse while shopping one day and was immediately inspired, envisioning feminine florals for springtime.  Paired here with the usual jeans, it would probably also be really cute with white shorts.

The name was simply one drawn out of hat (my boyfriend’s head).  I occasionally ask him for help naming things.  He will randomly blurt out names and they are usually a great match!

It’s getting more difficult over time to come up with creative color names. This time I wrote a few down, changed them, changed them again, and again, until one evening a handful of names just came to me out of nowhere.  SunnySpot (the yellow pictured here), BlueSkies, SpringLeaf, PinkRose and my favorite – CottonFluff (grey).

“Sophie” in SpringLeaf green is out in the TGIF area in front of Blacklace for only 99L for St. Patrick’s Day.