Feeling Catty

Taking a walk on the wild side for Dazzle Event – March 2019

Catty will be available late Friday night, March 1st, 2019 exclusively at Dazzle until April.

I keep swearing not to do events anymore but, somehow, keep entering the Dazzle Event anyway. The owner/organizer, Palomma, is also the founder of Free Dove and her team builds remarkably creative themed displays for her events. This month’s theme is “Take a Walk on the Wild Side”. Naturally, I went with animal print. It’s likely that every other designer did the same. There is something about wearing animal that makes us feel powerful and bold – and it’s in fashion this season.

This mesh dress fits several of the most popular mesh bodies sold in Second Life. I was not able to get this one in a fit for JOMO, but will keep searching for mesh that work for those bodies, too.

No felines were harmed in the making of this dress and I will assert right now that wearing animal print does not have to be an act of advocating animal cruelty. It can be an act of honoring animals by donning patterns that are inspired by their beauty.

Now go sharpen your claws and be catty!