A Valentine’s Day Experiment – Red or Pink?

TinRoof-Valentines-Corset-Ad-RedTinRoof "Hearts" Grey/Pink

As I was making the “Hearts” corsets this year, it was decided to release one in red and one in pink to see which color people seemed to like the most.  Almost certain that most Valentine’s Day shoppers would go for red, I was surprised to find that the pink version won out.

After looking up the psychological aspects of these colors, I wonder if the nurturing, calming and romantic nature of pink isn’t just in higher demand these days than the strong, sexy and ambitious nature of red.  Even this season’s Pantone colors are soft muted hues that invoke misty seas and teacups.

Tin’s next project?  Spring, strapless, soft, feminine… maybe even a bit refined, why not?

Author: TinRoof Resident in Second Life

A virtual girl in a virtual world creating virtual fashion... and blogging about it.

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