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“Daisies” fit-mesh top

…the front panels reminded me of flower petals… Continue reading

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Dragonflies and summer just go hand in hand, if you ask me… Continue reading

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New as of last night “Toasty” mesh sweater with color-change HUD.  Eight cheerful but winter-y colors make it very versatile. Have you ever gotten tired in RL so you took a seat in SL?  Well the other day I got cold in … Continue reading

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Refugees’ Lives Matter

The quote on the back of this t-shirt is by a Greek woman that saved a refugee from drowning in the ocean. She received thanks from people all over the world, but she said that she doesn’t think she did anything out of the ordinary and would hope that everyone else would have done the same thing. In contrast to the man that allowed over 70 refugees to suffocate in the back of his truck, I think she is amazing and I, too, wish that everyone in the world were like her. Continue reading

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